Humanitární kongres 2013 (Olomouc)

The 3rd International Humanitarian Congress 2015 is going to be held in Prague. The Humanitarian Congress is organized by the biggest Czech humanitarian and non profit organizations.

About International Humanitarian Congress:

Congress invites practitioners, academics, media and students to discuss how to identify and better address humanitarian response. The aim of the congress is to share ideas, experience and information in order to raise awareness about humanitarian aid among wide public and to ensure a more effective and efficient use of humanitarian aid.




The main topic of 3rd International Humanitarian Congress will be:
“From Bosnia to Ukraine - Growing Challenges in Humanitarian Aid “

This year, it has been 20 years since the massacre in Bosnian Srebrenica and at the same time we are witnesses of another war conflict in Europe and need of humanitarian aid - in Ukraine. The main focus of this congress will be to reflect on increasing need of humanitarian response and what is the reason behind our (un) ability to fulfill it.

Topics of panel discussions:

Introductory Panel Discussion - Increasing need of humanitarian response not only in developing countries. Are there really ”growing gaps” between humanitarian needs and response of the humanitarian aid in the retrospective of last twenty years? Or is it just a delusion?

Access and Security - Security of humanitarian aid workers and journalists in humanitarian crisis with an emphasis on war conflicts. Is the negotiation still a way to get the access to the conflict area? Limitations of new players on the scene?

Protection and Diversity of Marginalized Civilians - How to differentiate and protect the most vulnerable civilians in the humanitarian crisis?

Current Humanitarian Crisis - The panel discussion will reflect on current humanitarian crisis and its aspects. It depends on the current situation which crisis will be choosen.

GDP - a Statistical Value or Fallacy? - The link between GDP and humanitarian aid. LIC and MIC classification and its impact on access to humanitarian aid of different countries.

New Technologies - Different types of new technologies used in humanitarian practise.

Panel for Students - Introduction of different approaches to humanitarian aid and possibilities how to get involved. Different sectors of humanitarian aid will be presented based on real humanitarian projects.

When and where

Friday, 23rd October 2015

National Library of Technology
Technická 6/2710
160 00 Prague - Dejvice
Czech republic

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Who will participate

Representatives of institutions, NGO staff, journalists, and academics.

Who can attend

Anyone driven to learn more about the humanitarian aid sector. The goal of the Congress is to increase general public, students, journalists and humanitarian and development workers awareness of humanitarian aid.

How to register

Registration will be open from 15th June 2015

Simply fill in the registration form.