Humanitární kongres 2013 (Olomouc)

We hereby would like to invite you to participate in the 3rd International Humanitarian Congress 2015 held in Prague organised by leading Czech humanitarian NGOs.

About International Humanitarian Congress:

The Congress invites humanitarian practitioners, academics, the media and students to discuss and exchange experiences, new trends and innovations in humanitarian aid. The Congress also helps to increase awareness about the principles and challenges of humanitarian aid among the wider public in Czech Rrepublic.




Main topic in 2015:
“From Bosnia to Ukraine - Growing Challenges in Humanitarian Aid“

This year commemorates 20 years since the massacre in Bosnian Srebrenica, but at the same time we are also witnessing another European conflict with massive humanitarian needs, this time in Ukraine. The main goals of the congress will be to reflect on this, on the growing humanitarian needs globally and to answer whether and how we are able to provide adequate responses.

Topics of panel discussions:

Introductory panel discussion - The increasing need for a humanitarian response not only in developing countries. Is there a growing gap between humanitarian demands and the capacity to respond? What has changed and what lessons can we draw from the past 20 years?

Refugee Crisis - The numbers of refugess are growing to record levels globally. What is the role of the humanitarian community in this context? How does the community deal with the crisis in the Mediterranean?

Security and access - Security of humanitarian aid workers and journalists in humanitarian crisis with an emphasis on war conflicts.Is the negotiation still a way to get the access to the conflict area? Limitations of new players on the scene? The possibilities of negotiation with extremists organizations (Islamic State, Boko Haram etc.) Working with community in conflicts.

Marginalized people, crisis and countries - How to identify, select and protect the most vulnerable civilians in a humanitarian crisis? What crises and countries do we tend to forget?

Current humanitarian crisis - This panel discussion will focus on the aspects of humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and Syria and as well on the humanitarian response in Iraq. The main aim is to show specific issues connected with security, work with communites and give access to marginalised groups on the examples of humanitarian action in those three countries.

Student panel - Introduction of different approaches to humanitarian aid and possibilities how to get involved. Different sectors of humanitarian aid will be presented based on real humanitarian projects. Practical examples. Link between academic sector and practice. This is going to be an interactive panel using the method World Café.

When and where

Friday, 23rd October 2015

National Library of Technology
Technická 6/2710
160 00 Prague - Dejvice
Czech republic

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Who will participate

Representatives of institutions, NGO staff, journalists, and academics.

Who can attend

Anyone driven to learn more about the humanitarian aid sector. The goal of the Congress is to increase general public, students, journalists and humanitarian and development workers awareness of humanitarian aid.

How to register

Registration will be open from 15th June 2015

Simply fill in the registration form.

Press release

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